The Presents We Give to Our Kids

There is no doubt that we cherish and value our kids. We suffer a lot before we give birth to them. After they come to the world, we care about everything related to them. When they are babies, we inspect everything which will be eaten by them just in case they may take the wrong food. As the winter comes, we always remember to dress them warmly. If they are crying, we feel sorry and are willing to do whatever we can to make them laugh.

It is always sweet and touching to read books, news or hear actual stories about the love between parents and their kids. The love can easily go to the deep side in our hearts. Even for those tough people or some criminals, this kind of love will make them soft and tender.

As the parents are the angels God sends to guard their kids, they always wish to give their kids the best gifts. We put an emphasis on sending them the birthday’s gifts. We may not tell them beforehand. But we know what they expect for a birthday and then we prepare to give them the surprise. If there is something wrong with the gift, like it is not as exquisite as we think, we will try to get the better one. Sometimes it is very hard for us to get the desired gift. The item may be temporarily out of stock. Or we will make great efforts to purchase it. This is true especially when we need a very special and unique present. But when we see the cheerful and excited faces on our kids after we give them the present, we will feel everything is worthwhile.

When they go to school, we will worry about their studies or their situations in school. Are they fine with their classmates? Can they fit into the school easily and gladly? Would they have problems in school? Every time we get the school’s call, we feel nervous. When they have important shows or ceremonies in school, we will put off our work or meetings which maybe very important and then go to join with them. They expect a lot to see us being with us and it is just the same as us to see them on the stage, growing.

Being older, we will worry if they are making good friends. Will they fool around everyday? Will they drink alcohol or take drugs? Will they have pre-sexual lives? Things like these just seem to be endless. But it is our nature to consider these for them. Sometimes they may argue with us and ask us to give them free space. It would be a little hurt. But we know they will grow up finally. They would not be our little babies any longer. Thus we give them freedom little by little, watching them stumbled on the way to be a real adult. We will not think of ourselves too much even we may be hurt by their actions or words sometimes. We still love them with our all heat and soul.

From a little baby to an adult, we will be with our kids all the way around. We know when they start to say Mom, when they begin to run and when they have their own minds and thoughts. So we will record the whole journey when we are together. Let get a digital camcorder and even make it as a film. Some day we may give it to our kids after they are grown-ups. Or when we are old enough, we will watch it to retrospect our lives and say to ourselves my life is really rewarding.

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