Mobile Device Management Presents Challenges for IT Managers

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Cell phones like iPads can now be found in even the smallest businesses, making it important for IT managers to engage in mobile device management. If employees are not taking their personal mobiles to work (BYOD), employers are providing these devices, creating challenges for IT managers tasked with protecting company networks from unauthorized use. On any given day, IT staff may not know how many or what type of devices are accessing their networks, creating a very dangerous situation.

The Mobile Device Management Challenge

A single employee who unintentionally exposes the company to a network security breach can cripple operations and even incur regulatory penalties. This presents quite a challenge for IT staff, which means it also creates an opportunity for companies that provide a solution. These organizations help businesses manage and secure mobile devices with authorized access to corporate networks. There is much potential in this line of work because the situation will only become more complex as the popularity of smart phones become standard fixtures in the workplace.

IT managers must promote safe use of laptops, tablets, and smartphones, whether these are personally owned or company-provided. Otherwise, the security breach or leak could be catastrophic. While some employers originally banned personally owned devices from the workplace, they have quickly realized that this is, at the very least, impractical and in most cases, impossible. The situation is complicated by the fact that many employees use these devices to perform their jobs.

The Mobile Device Management Solution

A new aspect of the IT channel has developed and it is called the mobility management service provider, or MMSP. It encompasses consulting services designed to establish workplace mobile device policies, management, and security. These services help business customers implement a secure platform for all devices mobile that is compliant with data storage, recovery, use, and transmission. Providers of these solutions must harness the opportunities presented by this environment to develop solutions for businesses of all sizes.

These solution providers are not without external resources. The Computing Technology Industry Association, referred to as CompTIA, is lending a helping hand by developing resources and training programs geared toward enterprise-wide accommodation of mobile devices. It has developed an advisory board featuring phone manufacturers, carriers, application developers, and solution providers that will help direct its training initiatives.

However, solution providers should not await a program from CompTIA. They should reach out to businesses, helping them to manage mobile fleets and protect their networks. Through this collaboration, IT managers can develop company policies regarding use of personal cell phones and other smart devices. They can also be convinced to secure these devices or issue devices owned by the company.

Several benefits are realized when paying to make a personal cell phone secure. IT managers protect the employer and provide workers with a value-added benefit. Though time and effort are required to manage mobile devices within the workplace, these are justified. Solution providers providing device management offer the framework required to make the job easier for IT managers who already have too much on their plates.

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Apparel Boxes: Completing the Sale With Presentation

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To the uninitiated, working in the retail clothing business may not seem like a glamorous job. To those working a register at a department store, it may not be. But to the owner of a clothing store who is passionate about the business, it can be very rewarding. You stand at the front lines of fashion. You must make decisions each year about which direction to go in when it comes to the trending styles. You see the fruits of your labor first hand as customers walk out of your store with their purchases. But in all of the excitement about fashion, you can’t forget about the little niceties that make a purchase complete. Putting thought into the apparel boxes you use is an important aspect of giving the customer a presentation they will remember fondly.


For department stores and discount retailers, throwing a customer’s clothing purchases into a plastic bag may be just fine. For a high end retailer, however, you’re only undercutting your own presentation if you go this route. It costs only a little more to use apparel boxes, but it can make a big difference when it comes to the impression you make on the customer. The box itself can go into those plastic bags you spent time putting your logo all over. Think about it. You never want your competition to outdo you in any area. If your customers are used to getting apparel boxes from the shop across town, what are they going to think when you stuff their dresses into a bag? Don’t let the small things put you at a disadvantage.


Even when customers will accept their purchases being placed in a bag, they may want to purchase something as a gift on occasion. In those instances, you would be well advised to provide them with a vehicle for which they can do so. Sure, anyone can go to a second store to get a box for gift-giving purposes. But if you can give them what they need at your store, you’re creating loyalty in a way that is immeasurable. Even if you don’t intend to use them for every purchase, having apparel boxes on hand will give you the opportunity to say, “yes” when a customer asks if you have them. That can be more powerful than you may think.


While they can be important to have on hand, you never want your apparel boxes to be the weak link in your quality chain. If you are selling a product you’re proud of, you don’t want them to go into a cheap, flimsy box. Spend some time and find a supplier that can get you a sturdy container. If possible, have your company’s logo imprinted on the top. If you can find a supplier who can do all of this for a price that makes sense, forge a relationship that will serve you well for years.

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Using a Competitive Intelligence Template to Present the Information

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Competitive intelligence is a necessity for companies. Analysts are capable of learning about the competition and getting the information across to those who want it, which does build up a company. Of course, the owner must be able to understand everything they are presented with to make the most of it. They are not analysts, they will not process all of the information in the same way an analyst will. Some might fear going outside of their company for this type of information, even thinking they can do it all on their own. Being able to tell them in a way they will understand that the information is not only helpful, but also necessary to get ahead in the business world is not so difficult. There are many competitive intelligence examples where the work has brought the company more ideas and information, bettering the company in the end.

Having a business understand the need for a competitive intelligence analyst is the first step, of course. When in talks, it is good if they know of some competitive intelligence examples, ones that they are capable of relating to and understanding. Owners might have some hesitation with an analyst if they have never used one before, especially if they are unaware of how it works. The truth is that an analyst does aid a business in bringing in more business and getting ahead of the competition, things that cannot be achieved alone. Analysts are professionals who can find everything, and all in a smaller amount of time. They know where to go and how to make the most out of everything available, things that business owners alone might not know.

After they begin to open up to the idea of using an analyst, they must know the information presented to them. Luckily, competitive intelligence templates exist for that very reason. They organize the information in a simple and easy to understand way that all business owners will be able to read and use to their advantage. Without one, even the best analyst may not be capable of getting the information across to the owner in an understandable fashion. They do not have the same mind or knowledge that a professional, skilled analyst does, which means providing them with their information in a simple way is necessary. Every person is different but they all want what it is they paid for, like information. A competitive intelligence template provides owners with their information and in a way that every one of them, regardless of what they know about competitive intelligence, will understand.

It is no secret that analysts are a major part of a company’s growth. They provide them with insight and information that, otherwise, they might have never known or thought of. What they are given is capable of being used to bring up business and get ahead of the competition. The first step to doing this, though, is having the information laid out in an understandable way. A competitive intelligence template does exactly that because it is completely organized, making it easier on everyone. Every owner wants to be a success, and the analysts make it so, while also making it easy.

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How To Tackle The Online Challenges Presented By The Olympics

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Dealing with remote traffic and customer traffic

Given the transportation issues the Olympics will create for inner and Greater London, many companies will likely allow some employees to work from home. For this to work seamlessly, they must ensure their data centres or virtual servers are prepared for the influx in traffic that working from home will bring. A large number of staff accessing email, database software or other business operations at the same time could overload the server; potentially crippling productivity. As a result, using a server (cloud or dedicated) which provides scalability for growth is essential in order to cope with such an influx.

Businesses face a similar situation when it comes to their customer-facing systems. A major event can create added demand for websites and all their functionalities, but for those with cloud servers, this shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. Cloud computing is easily scalable, so a spike in traffic doesn’t have to mean potential crashes or slower loading times.

Furthermore, server capacity can be scaled up or down as required. This means that during the Games, businesses can feel secure in the knowledge that they can attract as many customers as possible to their website without fear of overloading their host. Conversely, when customer numbers are down, businesses can reduce capacity; making cloud hosting a cost-effective option throughout the year.

Keeping everything secure

Online security is another challenge which presents itself thanks to the Olympics. E-commerce sites are particularly vulnerable, given their sophisticated payment processes and the confidential information they hold. The rise in remote working could also leave networks at risk, so security – across the board – is a vital consideration.

There are a range of solutions that can aid a business’ security – like encryption, endpoint security and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). These can help quash the threat of unauthorised access. A business’ cloud host or data centre should be able to advise them on the best methods to use for their individual website; helping them gain the upper hand on intelligent cyber criminals.

In terms of securing remote access for workers, endpoint security can prove highly effective; combining a firewall, anti-virus software, network access control and program control. Furthermore, VDI forces data to remain in the data centre, so sharing documents or saving files from remote devices is not allowed. Coupled with restricting access on parameters such as date, time, location, device and user, businesses should be well-equipped security-wise to deal with any challenges.

Take advantage of this event

The Olympics should provide firms with the springboard they need to outline a comprehensive IT strategy and security plan, especially for small to medium-sized businesses which are new to the challenge and hadn’t necessarily been able to justify the budget needed before now.

Businesses that remain ill-equipped for the challenges the Olympics present could find themselves regretting it post-Games; especially if it affects their customer bases and ultimately, their profits/reputations.

At PEER 1 Hosting, we are uniquely positioned to help organisations doing online business in London during the summer events.

Our wholly owned and managed 10Gbps FastFiber Network™, Portsmouth Data Centre, High Availability and Disaster Recovery Services and Content Distribution Network (CDN) are designed and managed to deliver uptime and reliability at all times. And because they circumvent the network quagmire that will be London during June and July, businesses that need to be online nonstop can stay online nonstop.

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Palmtop Computers A Journey From Past to Present

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From the bulky analog computers to the modern day palmtops, the computing devices have come a long way. Though reduced in sizes significantly, the present day devices are way ahead in terms of technology and functionality. Palmtops in particular are among the best examples to prove how computer hardware has undergone remarkable changes in the past few decades.

Popularly known by the names like personal digital assistance (PDA) and pocket computer, a palmtop computer is designed to be a compact handheld device. Discovered around 30 years ago, these devices have improved in terms of design and functionality. The following sections discuss the past and present of palmtops.

Evolution from Calculators:

The first palmtop computer like device was launched in the year 1983 with the name Casio PF-3000. The device became popular as an advanced form of calculators and was able to perform functions like storing telephones and addresses. The next idea was to design devices that would work as portable information organizers. Organizer I and Organizer II are regarded as the earliest models of pocket computers launched respectively in 1984 and 1986 by a British company called Psion.

Some of the features of these devices included EPROM storage, software written in POPL language, Hitachi processors and LCD screens. While Organizer I lacked it, Organizer II had a single-tasking operating system and support for end-user programmability. External slots for connectivity with other devices were also introduced in the latter. These devices were later succeeded by Psion Series 3 and Series 5 palmtops with new computer hardware like QWERTY keyboards and operating system called SIBO.

Introduction of PDAs:

Personal digital assistants came into being with the launch of Newton by Apple in 1992. The device featured object-oriented storage databases and a variety of application software programs. It was followed by Nokia 9000 Communicator, the PDA launched in 1996 and regarded as the bestselling PDA till date. The device and its successors like 9110 and 9210 served as precursors to the modern day smart phones. Palm was another company in the later part of 1990s that came up with improved range of palmtop computer devices. Palm Pilot was one of these products which in the form of higher versions continue to sell even today.

Modern Palmtops:

Today, the smart phones launched by the companies like Nokia and Blackberry are regarded as the palmtops or PDAs. It is definitely exciting to find an extremely wonderful variety of features that make these devices hugely capable. Touch screen interactivity in advanced form is one such feature worth mentioning. Apart from virtual keyboards, these devices also support external keyboards that can be connected through different ports and technologies.

A modern day palmtop computer may support a range of memory cards, like SD cards, micro SD cards and Compact Flash cards. Wireless technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are also supported by these devices that run on the sophisticated operating systems like Windows Mobile and Android.

The journey of palmtops added a new dimension to the history of computer hardware and personal computing. With constant advancement in process, one can expect to find even better devices in the near future.

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Like Chapman’s Ice Cream, Your Presentation Should Have a “Subtle Little Difference”

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Chapman’s Ice Cream was once a St. Louis tradition. They were famous for their advertising campaign that stated there was a “subtle little difference” in Chapman’s Ice Cream that “made all the difference!”

This same philosophy can be applied to your presentations. It’s the“subtle little differences” you put into your planning, then your talk, that will “make all the difference” in how the audience perceives you, your message and how well they GET IT! There are many areas where these differences can be applied.

Let’s look at some “subtle little differences” you can start using now!

  • Your Introduction.
    • The Introduction is not you bio. You write it and review it with the emcee.
    • This “subtle little difference” will build anticipation for the main act – YOU! It should answer three questions:
      • Why this subject?
      • Why this speaker?
      • Why now?
  • Your Opening.

    • PAUSE before uttering one word!
      • This “subtle little difference” will lead to the audience focusing entirely on you!
    • Grab their attention with a strong opening.
    • Tell them what you’re going to tell them.

      • This road map of your presentation will be appreciated, and is a“subtle little difference” because many speakers don’t.
  • The Body of your presentation.

    • Use the formula: Make a Point, Tell a Story. Doe this for three – five points.
    • When telling a story to demonstrate your point, make a “subtle little difference” by using Personal Stories. Too many times speakers tell stories of honesty, hard work, and overcoming obstacles that are not their stories. The problem with doing this is the audience has often heard the story, perhaps more than once, before. Tell your story!
  • Your Slide Presentation, offers opportunities to “make a subtle little differences.”

    • You are the presenter. Slides help explain the message to the visual learner in all of us.
      • Use little or no text. You supply the text. Bullet points don’t reinforce. They compete, confuse, and complicate your message.
    • Use high quality images that are universal and understood by everyone.
    • Periodically, use the B Button. The B Button blanks the screen. This takes the audience’s attention off the screen and onto you. This is where it should be!
    • Keep your slides clean and simple by using one image per slide and simple transitions.
    • Do not turn off the lights! Even if the image isn’t as bright and clear as you would like, turning off the lights takes the attention off you and makes the slides the presentation. You are the presentation!
  • Make a “subtle little difference” by not taking questions after you close your presentation.

    • The Close is the Close – period.
      • The last thing you say is the first thing the audience will remember. That should not be the answering, or not, of a question.
  • Conclude your talk by:

    • Telling the audience what you told them. Doing this will make a “subtle little difference” and improve the odds of them GETTING IT!
    • Closing strongly with a Call to Action!

Incorporate some of these “subtle little difference” into your presentations and see “all the difference they make!”

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Better Presentation Skills – It Doesn’t Matter How Good You Are If People Can’t Hear You!

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Speaking is easy. You open your mouth and talk. Speaking in a way that commands attention and respect is a whole other issue.

In my experience, both the simplest area of improvement and the area which will provide the greatest return on investment is your vocal volume. Too many speakers with great information fail because they simply aren’t loud enough.

Think back to the last time you were in an audience struggling to hear a speaker properly. You probably found it frustrating and distracting. You may even have given up and stopped paying attention.

For some presentations, you may have a microphone, but even then, make sure you know how to use it and be certain to check that the volume levels are well set before you begin. Also understand how close the microphone needs to be to your mouth to be at the proper volume. I have seen two speakers on the same program use the same microphone but their volume levels ended up very different, simply because one kept the mic closer to her mouth than the other. One was easy and clear to hear; the other faded in and out. Guess which one was better received…

You may be tempted to blame the A/V people for not adjusting properly. Sure, a good A/V person will be able to adjust the mic levels on the fly. BUT, do you really want to leave your success in someone else’s hands? Trust me, if people can’t hear you well you will look as bad as, if not worse than, the A/V people.

When speaking in smaller rooms, for smaller groups, or at many company meetings, you won’t have a dedicated A/V professional anyway. Someone will hand you a mic and you will have to figure it out yourself.

Regardless of the microphone situation, you should still learn and practice projecting your voice. Many times you won’t have the luxury of a microphone. If you happen to be a professional speaker speaking at a national conference to hundreds or thousands of people, you will have a mic. However, you will often find yourself in rooms and speaking to groups without benefit of amplification.

Projecting your voice simply means to make your voice louder without sounding like you are shouting. This is what actors and performers do, and it takes practice. But it is worth the time. In fact, this may be the most useful skill you develop to becoming a great speaker.

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The Presents We Give to Our Kids

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There is no doubt that we cherish and value our kids. We suffer a lot before we give birth to them. After they come to the world, we care about everything related to them. When they are babies, we inspect everything which will be eaten by them just in case they may take the wrong food. As the winter comes, we always remember to dress them warmly. If they are crying, we feel sorry and are willing to do whatever we can to make them laugh.

It is always sweet and touching to read books, news or hear actual stories about the love between parents and their kids. The love can easily go to the deep side in our hearts. Even for those tough people or some criminals, this kind of love will make them soft and tender.

As the parents are the angels God sends to guard their kids, they always wish to give their kids the best gifts. We put an emphasis on sending them the birthday’s gifts. We may not tell them beforehand. But we know what they expect for a birthday and then we prepare to give them the surprise. If there is something wrong with the gift, like it is not as exquisite as we think, we will try to get the better one. Sometimes it is very hard for us to get the desired gift. The item may be temporarily out of stock. Or we will make great efforts to purchase it. This is true especially when we need a very special and unique present. But when we see the cheerful and excited faces on our kids after we give them the present, we will feel everything is worthwhile.

When they go to school, we will worry about their studies or their situations in school. Are they fine with their classmates? Can they fit into the school easily and gladly? Would they have problems in school? Every time we get the school’s call, we feel nervous. When they have important shows or ceremonies in school, we will put off our work or meetings which maybe very important and then go to join with them. They expect a lot to see us being with us and it is just the same as us to see them on the stage, growing.

Being older, we will worry if they are making good friends. Will they fool around everyday? Will they drink alcohol or take drugs? Will they have pre-sexual lives? Things like these just seem to be endless. But it is our nature to consider these for them. Sometimes they may argue with us and ask us to give them free space. It would be a little hurt. But we know they will grow up finally. They would not be our little babies any longer. Thus we give them freedom little by little, watching them stumbled on the way to be a real adult. We will not think of ourselves too much even we may be hurt by their actions or words sometimes. We still love them with our all heat and soul.

From a little baby to an adult, we will be with our kids all the way around. We know when they start to say Mom, when they begin to run and when they have their own minds and thoughts. So we will record the whole journey when we are together. Let get a digital camcorder and even make it as a film. Some day we may give it to our kids after they are grown-ups. Or when we are old enough, we will watch it to retrospect our lives and say to ourselves my life is really rewarding.

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Gift Experiences: Your Ticket to Sensational 65th Birthday Presents

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Who says turning the big “six-five” is all about reading glasses, pyjamas, newspapers, rocking chairs and smoking pipes? If they’re feeling a bit low about turning this ripe old age, when it comes to 65th birthday gifts, break the norm and plump for something exciting to introduce a ray of hope into their lives.

A 65th year of age is the start of retirement and the onset of the golden years. It’s a new chapter in life. Like an invigorating 65th birthday gift, envelop the celebrant with happy memories and gather – if you can – one or two of their chums along with the family to celebrate their special day.

How about afternoon tea together at a luxurious haunt such as Harrods? This way, you get to rejoice in the rare company of each other if you don’t see him/her that often. Or if they’re a theatre buff, treat them to a deluxe theatre visit – the perfect way to cherish special moments together! Sure to be adored, these 65th birthday ideas will be remembered year after year.

A steam train journey is another rare and nostalgic 65th birthday present choice to remind the person in question of yesteryear. They’ll get to sit back and enjoy the sight, smells and sounds of the golden age of train travel as they sit aboard the Cathedral Express. If that doesn’t quite cut it, how about a visit to Windsor Castle or a tour of a historic landmark such as Blenheim Palace followed by delightful tea?

In the words of Samuel L. Jackson, “it’s time to get medieval on your horse.” What better way to rouse some reminiscence than by sending them on a jousting experience? The lucky thing will get to be a Knight for the day and be taught skills used by Knights, including how to use a shield and lance, horse control, how to strike targets, mounted period games and foot fights with swords and quarter staffs. What’s more, they’ll even get to dress in medieval costume and show off their newly found skills in a mini tournament!

For 65th birthday gift ideas of the more relaxed variety, a vineyard tour or perhaps a break at a luxury hotel would be just the ticket. Your charming friend or relative will treasure these moments for years to come.

Spa days make wonderful 65th birthday presents and will completely relax and de-stress the recipient from head to toe on the day. For the slightly more thrill-seeking 65-year-old, how about a flying lesson or driving experience day?

The bottom line is 65-year-olds are up for a good time, probably a lot to do with the fact they realise they have a limited number of years left when it comes to having healthy bodies and want to live life to the full. Gift experiences make unusual, cool and very out of the ordinary gifts for 65th birthdays – a sure-fire way to truly warm the cockles of their heart!

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15 Ways to Improve Your Closing Ratios & Sales Presentations

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Many clients and friends have talked to me over the years about wanting to improve their sales presentations and closing ratios. Your sales schpeel, presentation, closing techniques and tactics can make or break your marketing you know. It’s not enough to do outstanding marketing to obtain new customers and do continuous marketing to your database for referrals and repeat business, but you also need to be able to ask for and close the sale – or it’s all a big waste of time and money!

How is your sales ratio? Is it 50% or 1 out of 2? Is it much higher like 85% or 8.5 out of 10? If you are closing a small percentage of the leads or potential customers that come through your doors then maybe it has to do with your sales presentation or process?

It’s OK to get help to improve your sales but it’s not something people usually think about when thinking about their marketing. Instead, they think well those ads aren’t working; they aren’t bringing in the right ‘type’ of person. In fact, even the best salespeople listen to CD’s, read books and hear speakers on how they can improve – why wouldn’t the “average Joe” salesperson do this too? Probably because you think you’re good or you think you don’t have time.

You know what? You don’t have the time NOT to brush up at least 2-4 times per year and learn new strategies. It’s not the same market it was 5 or 10 years ago; it’s not all about where you advertise and what your ad says. More than not, it’s about if the potential customer likes you or not or if they were referred to you or not. It’s that simple.

So, if you think those old car salesmen tricks are going to work like they did 5 years ago – they won’t. In fact, you’ll be laughed out of the room (or at least talked about behind your back). The following are a few closing techniques you can use in your sales process – but remember, you have to “be real”, you can’t be fake or they will see right through you and move on to the next person. Use these with caution as they may increase your sales!

5 (of my favorite) Closing Techniques:

1. Assume the Sale – just plain assume they are going to buy and be shocked if they tell you no

2. Fear of Loss – make them feel like they will really be missing out if they don’t buy, they will for sure want to have this product or service

3. Sense of Urgency – they should hurry up and buy before ‘it’s’ gone or ‘something’ happens

4. Optional Close – which one would you like, this one or that one? – OR – do you want to pay by check or credit card?

5. Indifference – make them think like it doesn’t matter to you whether they buy or not, it’s no big deal, it’s up to them – this way they don’t feel the pressure and tend to think they’ve made up their own mind

10 Sales Presentation Tips:

1. Sell the outcome, not the product – instead of telling them what you want to tell them, tell them what they want to hear and how it will benefit them

2. Ask questions to find your prospect’s hot buttons

3. Only talk about their hot buttons

4. Do not ‘feature dump’ (blabbering to them everything about all your products or services)

5. Listen more than you talk

6. Dig deeper when they give objections – find the real reasons then address those and only those

7. Ask for the sale at least 4 times before giving up – you can do this in various ways that they might not even notice throughout the presentation

8. Build relationships and nurture them – during the presentation and ongoing

9. Know whether your product or service will most likely require a long or short sales process and then work it accordingly and don’t expect a miracle right off the bat with a long sale, don’t let yourself get disappointed – remember, it takes an average of 10 calls to get 1 sale (cold calling avg)

10. Send thank you notes or emails before, during and after the sales process

Some of you might wonder where I came up with all of this, but really it came from my many years of sales in various different fields and my participation in numerous sales training programs and seminars (from corporate training to sell it or starve).

You know, I used to do door-to-door sales? I used to sell oil change certificates and restaurant coupons door-to-door in residential neighborhoods and to businesses…”Want $5 oil changes?” was my big opening line; I made a killing back then!

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