Gift Experiences: Your Ticket to Sensational 65th Birthday Presents

Who says turning the big “six-five” is all about reading glasses, pyjamas, newspapers, rocking chairs and smoking pipes? If they’re feeling a bit low about turning this ripe old age, when it comes to 65th birthday gifts, break the norm and plump for something exciting to introduce a ray of hope into their lives.

A 65th year of age is the start of retirement and the onset of the golden years. It’s a new chapter in life. Like an invigorating 65th birthday gift, envelop the celebrant with happy memories and gather – if you can – one or two of their chums along with the family to celebrate their special day.

How about afternoon tea together at a luxurious haunt such as Harrods? This way, you get to rejoice in the rare company of each other if you don’t see him/her that often. Or if they’re a theatre buff, treat them to a deluxe theatre visit – the perfect way to cherish special moments together! Sure to be adored, these 65th birthday ideas will be remembered year after year.

A steam train journey is another rare and nostalgic 65th birthday present choice to remind the person in question of yesteryear. They’ll get to sit back and enjoy the sight, smells and sounds of the golden age of train travel as they sit aboard the Cathedral Express. If that doesn’t quite cut it, how about a visit to Windsor Castle or a tour of a historic landmark such as Blenheim Palace followed by delightful tea?

In the words of Samuel L. Jackson, “it’s time to get medieval on your horse.” What better way to rouse some reminiscence than by sending them on a jousting experience? The lucky thing will get to be a Knight for the day and be taught skills used by Knights, including how to use a shield and lance, horse control, how to strike targets, mounted period games and foot fights with swords and quarter staffs. What’s more, they’ll even get to dress in medieval costume and show off their newly found skills in a mini tournament!

For 65th birthday gift ideas of the more relaxed variety, a vineyard tour or perhaps a break at a luxury hotel would be just the ticket. Your charming friend or relative will treasure these moments for years to come.

Spa days make wonderful 65th birthday presents and will completely relax and de-stress the recipient from head to toe on the day. For the slightly more thrill-seeking 65-year-old, how about a flying lesson or driving experience day?

The bottom line is 65-year-olds are up for a good time, probably a lot to do with the fact they realise they have a limited number of years left when it comes to having healthy bodies and want to live life to the full. Gift experiences make unusual, cool and very out of the ordinary gifts for 65th birthdays – a sure-fire way to truly warm the cockles of their heart!

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