Debt Consolidation vs Debt Negotiation

Most people are looking for easy ways to abolish their debt. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to this problem and debt elimination scams dupe many people. These scams state that the consumers are under no obligation to repay their debts because creditors charge illegal credit rates. Eventually, these scammers disappear with the money and consumers are still responsible for repaying creditors. Debt consolidation and debt negotiation are two methods that are available for debt assistance. These two options are used for solving debt and credit problems.

If bills and other heavy payments are bogging you down, debt consolidation and debt negotiation are the solutions to your problem. Debt consolidation negotiators help consolidate a bill into one monthly payment, while debt negotiators work to get the bill reduced. It is up to the consumer or customer to chose between the two options to help eliminate debt and credit problems. The consumer must also decide whether he or she can afford such services and must consider what the ultimate outcome will be. Most consolidation companies offer both the services. This subject has been a matter of debate, as both these services provide an opportunity for financial freedom.

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation provides new, lower monthly payments, making life less stressful for the customer. There are two types of debt consolidation. One method involves obtaining a loan to pay off other loans and debts. The other method involves working with a debt management program.

Most debt consolidation services have debt repayment agreements with most credit card companies. Debt consolidation companies offer lower monthly payments based on low rates of interest. This is the best way to consolidate debt because the payment here is lower than what the credit card companies offer. The disadvantage to such a plan remains in the fact that all credit cards included in the program have to be cancelled. These services charge payment and an additional monthly administration fee. The administration fee can be anywhere between $10 to $50.

Debt Negotiation

Debt negotiation is also called debt settlement. Debt settlement is ideal when the debt amount is tremendously high and bankruptcy is just around the corner. People who can’t make the minimum payments of a debt consolidation program turn towards debt negotiation. Debt negotiation is the next step to solving debt and credit related problems. A debt negotiation program helps lower the credit score. However, this method is not encouraged and may prove to be damaging for the credit history. As attractive as this method sounds, it should be used as a last resort. Negotiation involves bargaining with creditors for a smaller or reduced payoff amount. The most important factor of a debt negotiation program is that payments made to the creditors can be stopped. The company takes the monthly payments and keeps it in a separate account. While making the payments, the company negotiates with the creditors for a lower payoff of about 40-50% of the total debt amount. Once the settlement had been made, the debt negotiation company makes a one-time payment to the creditors. Some companies provide a credit repair service that repairs all the negative items caused by the company. This is an additional service and must be paid for.

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