Apparel Boxes: Completing the Sale With Presentation

To the uninitiated, working in the retail clothing business may not seem like a glamorous job. To those working a register at a department store, it may not be. But to the owner of a clothing store who is passionate about the business, it can be very rewarding. You stand at the front lines of fashion. You must make decisions each year about which direction to go in when it comes to the trending styles. You see the fruits of your labor first hand as customers walk out of your store with their purchases. But in all of the excitement about fashion, you can’t forget about the little niceties that make a purchase complete. Putting thought into the apparel boxes you use is an important aspect of giving the customer a presentation they will remember fondly.


For department stores and discount retailers, throwing a customer’s clothing purchases into a plastic bag may be just fine. For a high end retailer, however, you’re only undercutting your own presentation if you go this route. It costs only a little more to use apparel boxes, but it can make a big difference when it comes to the impression you make on the customer. The box itself can go into those plastic bags you spent time putting your logo all over. Think about it. You never want your competition to outdo you in any area. If your customers are used to getting apparel boxes from the shop across town, what are they going to think when you stuff their dresses into a bag? Don’t let the small things put you at a disadvantage.


Even when customers will accept their purchases being placed in a bag, they may want to purchase something as a gift on occasion. In those instances, you would be well advised to provide them with a vehicle for which they can do so. Sure, anyone can go to a second store to get a box for gift-giving purposes. But if you can give them what they need at your store, you’re creating loyalty in a way that is immeasurable. Even if you don’t intend to use them for every purchase, having apparel boxes on hand will give you the opportunity to say, “yes” when a customer asks if you have them. That can be more powerful than you may think.


While they can be important to have on hand, you never want your apparel boxes to be the weak link in your quality chain. If you are selling a product you’re proud of, you don’t want them to go into a cheap, flimsy box. Spend some time and find a supplier that can get you a sturdy container. If possible, have your company’s logo imprinted on the top. If you can find a supplier who can do all of this for a price that makes sense, forge a relationship that will serve you well for years.

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