A Perfect Guide to Chinese Business Negotiation Style

Understanding the Chinese business negotiation style can help you to carry out all the business processes with your Chinese counterparts successfully. If you are not familiar with the negotiation, then you may have to face an extremely hard time, and you may feel, at times, that the negotiations are not going anywhere. The key to the successful negotiations is the sufficient preparation. Most of the businessmen feel that preparing for negotiations is one of the hardest things to do, such as, overcoming the language barriers. Precisely this mentality prevents them from grabbing some of the biggest opportunities that this part of the world has to offer. When we talk of learning Chinese business negotiation style, we are not talking about learning Chinese, but we are talking about learning their body language and mannerisms, which are so essential to carry out the conversations successfully. This approach will not help you to make the deal successfully, but it can also lead to lifelong partnerships.

If you have made up your mind to learn Chinese business negotiation style, then the first thing you need to remember is that even in china you will find some significant differences in the negotiation styles so you have to pick those styles that are used in the majority of business processes. Let’s have a look at some of the typical Chinese traits that you may have to encounter in your next negotiation meeting.

Chinese negotiators take time to trust you: Many businessmen, when dealing with Chinese negotiators, regularly complain that their first meeting was rather cold, and there was no definite conclusion in sight. The foreign negotiators often take this as a clue for disagreement and break the deal. However, that’s the style of negotiation; they take time to trust you. In the initial meetings they simply avoid your offers. They also do this to examine your seriousness for the deal. Therefore, Show them what they want, propose the same deal in a different style and you would be amazed to notice that your Chinese counterparts are not only listening to you, but they are also making their contributions to the deal.

How to make them agree on the right price: Chinese businessmen are extremely strict on prices. Although, in the beginning, they would make the commitment slash their prices to a certain extent, but these prices are not the right prices for the products as they are highly inflated. Therefore, it’s best to check the price from elsewhere and stick to the deal. This is common in Chinese business negotiation style, and finally they would certainly agree on your price albeit with some adjustments.

Look at the deal completely: Chinese negotiators have the habit of praising just the good parts of their products and neglecting the negative aspects of their presentations. This is an old Chinese business negotiation style. Therefore, you should be attentive enough at the presentations to point out various shortcomings in their products. This will help you in turning the deal in your favour. Don’t let their mindboggling terms fool you and remain calm and relaxed, and listen to each and every detail with open eyes and ears.

Follow these straightforward negotiation tips, though initially it takes time get used to them, but soon you would be amazed to look at the difference that these tips make in your negotiations with Chinese businessmen.

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