3 Presentations You Need To Make

So you’re beginning your presentation with a new prospect. They’re excited to be there, you’re excited to be presenting to them. Let me share something with you that you learn over time. The person that is sitting in front of you has about 15 other people with them. Let me explain.

It doesn’t matter who you’re speaking to, there are always people in their mind that agree with what they’re doing, and disagree with what they’re doing. Think about it for just a second, have you ever had a voice in your head pop up and say “you don’t need to be doing this”? the answer to that question is yes you have, we all have.

So the key to productive presentations. and I say the word “productive” because there’s a lot of people who give presentations and don’t produce the results they want. So what I’m helping you to understand is how to create productive presentations.

Presentation 1

Make the presentation as easy as possible for your prospect to say yes to.

What do I mean by that? In order for the prospect to say yes to what you’re presenting, they need to find reasons to agree with you, to agree with what they want to do. The reality is it has to fit into their lifestyle, into their current state of mind. So in order to find out their current state of mind, why not ask them.

How do you do that? When you sit down with them you asked him a simple question.

So now that we’re here today, and were going to spend some time together, let me ask you why are you here? And wait for an answer.

It’s in this answer that you will begin to understand where they’re at. Your kind of asking them for directions on how to get to their place of success.

So in order to find out how to give them directions from point a to point B, you need to find out where point A is. Doesn’t that make sense?

Now the challenge sometimes is, they are not sure where they’re at either. So as they begin to describe why there at the meeting with you, be listening for landmarks. Those things that they want to achieve, little goals that they have, may be some dreams that they have, the key is listening to what they want.

Presentation 2

With this one, you have to present to all of the naysayers. These are all the voices in their head that say they can’t do it, they’re no good at it, they don’t know what they’re doing.

If you understand that everyone has doubt in their mind, and it’s not always placed in their mind by themselves, you will begin to understand how to make your presentations easier to listen to.

If you are standing up there, or sitting across the table from them and telling them they can do this. There are many people in their mind who say they can’t be successful, they can’t reach their goals, they can’t have what they want. Now that you know those voices are in their head, you can learn how to speak to them without creating an argument with them. Them being those voices in their head

Presentation 3

This presentation happens throughout the entire conversation with the prospect. This third presentation, is the one that presents to their dreamer inside them. Your prospect is always listening for the benefits that will come from making the decision to join you. Your prospect is listening for the opportunities to see how they can grow, and reach their goals to become better at what they want to become better at. So as you’re making presentations 1, and presentations 2 it’s important to understand that you weave in the pictures of success how they can achieve it, and what they will feel like when they do.

So there is a brief idea on three presentations that need to happen during your pitch. As you can see, all three presentations happen through out the conversation. It’s not this presentation first than this one second and this one third. The key to understand is that at you need to listen to what your prospect is saying to you, so you know who you’re presenting to.

I hope this brings you value, if it does leave a comment, share it on Facebook, or wherever you think would be of value. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me my information is in the box below.

Hugs from Dallas.

Sean G Murphy

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